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07-10-2014: We are More Alike than Different

How broad are the definitions of Mental Health? It is easy for us to live in a compartmentalized World. Labels, boxes, and classifications help us deal better with life’s challenges. Yet, we miss the value of seeing our commonality as strength.

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07-03-2014: I Want Freedom, Too

Giving Independence to the Mentally Challenged

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The moment when a mentally challenged individual demands independence from a caretaker is the scariest moment for both.  How can either be denied their independence?  Is freedom a birthright?  Can interdependence be achieved?

06-26-2014: Recognizing and Respecting the Signs of Mental Deficencies

Mental health professionals invest countless hours in agreeing on the criteria for a professional diagnosis of mental illness, and these professionals still find disagreement in most cases. So, how do we as lay persons begin to approach what we may see as signs of mental instability in love ones and associates?

Mental Health

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