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05-01-2014: Being the Prodigal

There are times when we must face the consequences of our actions. Even if the actions were initially embedded in “good intentions,” and the consequences were “unintentional.” We must know how to accept our faults, forgive ourselves, and seek the forgiveness of the ones we hurt. How do we start that process?

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Our Prodigal Self

04-27-2014: C2L Radio – Our Prodigal Spouse

It takes two to make a marriage. Likewise, it takes two to break one.

Prodigal Spouse

If the spouse that caused the harm is ready to make amends, are you ready to let them? If so, you will need these tools to start fresh.

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04-17-2014 “Our Prodigal Children”

Where did we go wrong with our children?

This is not necessarily the question. Rather, are you ready to open your hearts to a new relationship with the children that have disappointed you? Or to understand their disappointment in you?

Prodigal Son

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