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Love Nudge: Relationship Inventory

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There are generally two possible feelings that emerge from our personal interactions.  We only seem to notice these feelings when we care enough to consider the impact of each relationship that we participate in – and that time of inventory typically comes when we feel out of sync.  The general outcomes of these reviews include being affirmed in our purpose or being tempted away from who we are called to be.

None of us are immune to being tempted.  We are reminded of the power of temptation in the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  So, we should not feel embarrassment when we consider temptation.  However, we should never become comfortable with temptation or the tempter.

Who does not like to be affirmed?  It feels good to hear that you are on the right tract, especially when it comes as a surprise from someone you did not know was watching.  But, be careful with affirmation too.  It could be that you are being setup or opened up to be taken advantage of.  In this case, the affirmation works the same as temptation.

A true affirmation should elevate more than your ego (Edging God Out).  Affirmations speak directly to what God has called you for and to.  When you are affirmed in the appropriate manner, then it serves as fuel to move you closer to your calling.

As you inventory your relationships ask the important question, ‘do I feel tempted or affirmed through our interaction?’ 


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