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Divorce Journal – Trust Is An Issues

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It is clear from the beginning of these recordings that I am uncomfortable sharing or allowing this much exposure to the decline of our marriage.  There is so much that lies beneath the words that I struggle to share.  The strain comes across in mis-pronunciations, the wrong choice of words, and unnecessary pauses as I fight through the flood of thoughts.

But I was committed to see this experience through to the very end.  I worried if I could produce a journal that would be authentically my story, while preserving the dignity of my spouse.  It was my project, which I engaged without her permission. Besides, if I tried to tell a complete story without her input, then the integrity of the entire product would have been weakened.

This entry (Divorce Journal – Trust Is An Issue) was my earliest attempt at sharing one of our issues.  Frankly, after reviewing the entry I realized that I failed to capture the balance that I sought.  Sure, I was struggling with trusting her words. In truth, the issue was never about her lying as much as it was her lack of courage in believing that I could handle her truth.  Or, her choosing what she thought was an easy way to avoid confrontation.

She had more reason in our relationship to distrust as my actions were far more hurtful.  My word were almost always transparent and blunt, but my actions were not always as revealing.  Therefore, the title and the entry are misleading, too.

Bare with me on this journey as the subject matter and the delivery will get better.

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