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10-10-2013 “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

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On the October 10th airing of Coached 2 Love, the topic of the night is:

Whats love

Listen in by dialing: (347) 237-4648. Press 1 to share, comment, or question.
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About the Show
Love should never be used to confine anyone to an unhealthy relationship of any kind.  Rather true love emancipates, is uplifting and certainly unselfish.  Embrace the truth that love may convict, but never confines.

As always, our host is Clarence White and Andrea M. Scott will bring us the Passion Play of the Day.

Guest Poet this week: Byron Jones of the poetry duo Ickthys

Special Guest Participants: The Marriage Coaches

Benjamin and Alisha Walker are the dynamic duo of husband-and-wife teams. ben and alishaThey are educators, coaches and popular speakers. The Walkers are passionate about marriage, family and healthy relationships. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with bringing their practical tips and down to earth style mixed with a sense of humor to the marriage community. They have coached hundreds of couples on how to have a successful and healthy marriage for over 10 years and model daily what it means to love being married. They are The Marriage Coaches and are the founders ofwww.ilovebeingmarried.net, the hub of the marriage community that promotes positive press for marriages. They currently live in the Metro Atlanta area with their four daughters.


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