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How Important is the Marriage Proposal?

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Beautifully transparent.

The T Room

How_to_Propose I didn’t think it was important. I’d been married before and what I really wanted was a wedding because my first husband and I eloped. I knew I wanted an actual wedding ceremony – in a church – with our families and friends there as witnesses. But I convinced myself that I didn’t want a fancy proposal. As long as Clarence was sure he wanted to be my husband, and as long as I was sure I wanted to be his wife, I convinced myself that was enough.

During our courtship, Clarence has shown himself to be both romantic and spontaneous – qualities that sealed the deal almost immediately. Yet, for one of the most important occasions in our developing relationship, I’d asked him to turn off those parts of himself and keep it simple. And, of course, he chose that occasion to actually listen and adhere to my request…

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