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04-10-2014 “The Great Obstacle of a Hardened Heart”

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Join us for the conversation: The Great Obstacle of a Hardened Heart on Coached 2 Love Radio, Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Listen live online or dial in 347-237-4648. Press 1 to join the conversation.

Step by step approach to breaking away resistance and lack of forgiveness to self or others. The first step to a new beginning is giving God control of our situation, which means opening our hearts to new possibilities.

Our guest this week is Marilyn Fountain, author of the book Un-break Your Heart: Overcoming Pain, Suffering and a Wounded Soul


Un-breakHow do you overcome the pain and suffering that follow bad things? Do you change your environment, your way of living, or your response to people associated with bad thing? These are outward changes, and though they can be important if not fundamental to moving forward, such changes alone cannot do the job of freeing you from the hurt that breaks your heart and wounds your soul.

Un-Break Your Heart helps you connect with God’s way of healing. It’s a book of refreshing and encouragement for ridding yourself of your deepest soul wounds once and for all, so that you can get on with the joys of living.

Un-Break Your Heart is an exploration of faith and courage, and an affirmation that overcoming pain and suffering is an inside job that is timeless and available, even to you.



About our Guest:

Marilyn FountainMarilyn Fountain was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the middle child between two brothers. Throughout her career, she held many esteemed positions in the area of mass communication. Her commitment to her craft and love of telling the story won her national recognition and an award for excellence in feature writing. Other positions include: Director of Public Relations for a Pennsylvania art center; Head Writer and Creative Director of a film and video firm; and Producer, Director and Co-Host of a Philadelphia radio talk show.

In 1997, she and her husband Morris moved to Houston, Texas, where she began a new career at Star of Hope, serving the city’s homeless community. This is where all her experience in media came together for the single purpose of benefiting the city’s homeless men, women and children. She believes her work on behalf of those who suffer poverty and disenfranchisement to be an extraordinary privilege, and that God has used her many years of communicating with the public for a greater purpose, and for His glory.

In 2012, she released the book Un-break Your Heart: Overcoming Pain, Suffering, and a Wounded Soul. Click here for additional information about Mrs. Fountain and her book.

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