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How She Felt When “Nothing” Happened

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The T Room

He knew how to hurt her. He knew that her previous relationships were laced with infidelity and that she’d vowed not to go back to that life. He knew that nothing would cut her more deeply than being on the receiving end of things she’d dished out, repented for, forgiven herself for. And he knew she needed to trust him in order for that to work. He believed in her trust and used it against her. He told people that he would never do anything to disrespect her or their relationship, and if he did, that she would be the first person he told. He valued the fact that she never asked about his comings and goings; didn’t check his phone or his email; never followed him anywhere; didn’t ask too many questions. And the moment she did anything even the slightest bit contrary to that, he’d ask her what…

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