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An Un-Suicide Life: How to respond to thoughts of hopelessness

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light into darkness

Darkness has different meanings.  The obvious is the absence of light as in the midnight hour.  The depiction which troubles me the most is hopelessness.  And, Hopelessness has long been considered the final step before suicide; the act of a person taking their own life.  Frankly, the primary reason that hopelessness and suicide exists is that we lose sight that the darkest time of night also represents the final moment before the beginning of a new day.

Encourage those who struggle to hold on during these frail moments.  The following scriptures will guide us as we prayerfully we begin to reach through the darkest moments to inspire new hope for life.

Be genuine ~ Romans 12:9 – 13

Gaining the trust and confidence of anyone must be accomplished through presenting a genuine interest in the person’s holistic (whole) well-being.  When seeking to offer encouragement to a person that is lost in hopeless do not be easily offended if the person questions sincerity, authenticity, and motives.  Just be and be genuine.  The thing that we are most honest at being is ourselves, even if that being is multi-layered.

Be present ~ Psalm 46:1

The simple things are sometimes the most uncomfortable.  It sounds sarcastic, until you have found yourself in a position where it is hard to discern the next thing to say or do.  One of the most simple and kind acts that anyone can offer is to just be present.  Just be wherever there is – for the moment.

Be compassionate ~ Deuteronomy 4:30 – 31; Psalm 34:17 – 19

Afflictions are certainly apart of life.  And there are times when each of us creates the circumstances that result in our own pain and disappointment.  Yet, no matter the source of our low points each of us yearns for compassion.

Be firm ~ 2 Chronicles 20:17; Psalm 55:22

A person that has abandoned hope will not easily let go of their position.  Neither will God.  God’s promises will not fail us.  The ultimate victory belongs to God and the people of God.  No matter how stubborn the person maybe in their pursuit of hopelessness, continue to present in their everyday life.

Be consistent ~ James 1:17; 2 Timothy 2:13

We all have the potential to express our individuality.  For this very reason we can give thanks that God has promised to be the same throughout all eternity.  Variability presents a risk for the hopeless as the slightest hint of inconsistency threatens trust.  Seek to establish faith around a source that promises to be the same, yesterday, today, and always.

Be objective ~ Matthew 7:1 – 6; Titus 3:4 – 7

The surest ways to push someone farther into the abyss of hopelessness is through offering either pity or judgment.  We must model our behavior and words after God our creator, who continually looks beyond our faults and accepts us in our very circumstances.

Be hopeful ~ Romans 8:24 – 25

The real ‘work’ exists in establishing or re-establishing hope.  Hope literally requires us to believe beyond our present circumstances.  Hope requires imagination.  Identify those impossible dreams that seem to exist beyond what we ourselves can accomplish.  Measure those same dreams and aspirations against the promise of God and watch faith increase and our hope prevail.

Be Love ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17; 1 John 4:7 – 16

Love is an ambitious.  Yet, the Love of Jesus Christ is real and tangible.  For God is Love.  Love is the light that will extinguish the darkness.  Light is so powerful that the smallest emergence in the darkness will provide more than enough for daybreak.  We only need to see Love peaking over the horizon to see the slightest change in the atmosphere and to know that life is still worth living.

Tune into Coached 2 Love Radio on the Survival Radio Christian Network on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 7 p.m. (central), as we discuss ‘Suicide and Salvation.’  Listen at (347) 237-4648 or https://coached2love.com/2014/07/23/07-24-2014-death-is-calling-me-suicide-and-salvation/

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