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Love Nudge: More Action

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An eloquent speech.  A melodic song with the perfect pitch.  A stirring and emotional sermon.  Each of these at some point have been given credit for inciting great causes.  Yet, the actions, the ensuing movements are what produced the necessary change.

As we pause to remember men and women that paid the ultimate price of service it is important to note that they gave more than their word.  Certainly their word was given in the form of an oath.  And each responded to verbal orders, yet it was that very response we celebrate.

A soldiers bravery and courage extends beyond their oath.  These attributes are proven daily on many battle fronts.  And you do not have to be a member of the military to exhibit these character traits.  Ask a teacher how they feel at the end of every day as they engage in bettering the lives of our children?
Whatever your field of engagement – here the call to do more.  Seek to establish a higher standard of excellence right where you are planted.  If each of cared a little more and that caring manifested in our actions, then this word would instantly become a better place.

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