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Love Nudge: Watch Yourself

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The warnings against pride are literally everywhere.  The Holy Scriptures makes it very plain, for example, “pride goes before destruction.”  (Proverbs 16:18, NKJV)  This is only one of more than 50 versus that warn against pride.  Grandmothers seem to have a radar for “heads that are getting to big for their bodies.”  A recent favorite is a quote from St. Augustine, “it was pride that turned angels into devils.”

The temptation that draws a person to think more highly of themselves than they ought is apparently very effective.  The proof resides in the wisdom of antiquity and carries through to our present post-modern defined reality.  We are still victims of foolish pride.

Certainly their is good pride that is the product of earned success and fully vested educational pursuits.  Should not one be worthy of esteem for beating the odds?  Is it less noble to allow accolades to resonate and reflect off an external armour, then it is to hide the joy in one’s bossom?  Certainly it is ok to embrace self-worth that is well founded.

However, pride is a slippery thin line that entraps many foolish hearts.  The starke difference can be measured simply by the good a person does or the harm caused to themselves or others.  For any (ordinary) fool can trip over anything.   It takes an incredibly high-minded fool to stumble over their pride.

So, mind your steps and watch yourself.


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