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Love Nudge: Ego

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What can be accomplished without God? This should not be a rhetorical question.  The wise know that nothing is accomplished with mere human effort or ingenuity.

Certainly greatness has been dreamed through the human mind and those dreams achieved through human hands.  But what is a mind, heart or hand apart from God? Credit must be given to the source of all creation.

Celebrations are warranted for notable attainment, especially when the effort improves human life.  Such is also the case when a group bands together as one to persevere against a common threat.  Yet, neither noble effort provide just cause to forget that God is ever present.

It is through God that we are able to or be anything Great.


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  1. TruLovExists says:

    Ego prevents the knowing and understanding of True Love. Ego creates fear, hatred, anger, anxiety, and all of the toxic emotions there is. When one lets go of ego, that one becomes a conquered, and let’s nothing that lies within this world defeat him/her. He/she is a victor over life in this earth when able to let go of ego. Ego is what keeps souls bounded into torment.

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