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Love Nudge: Next Chapter

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The easiest way to become distracted from your purpose is to allow someone else to define you and what you are supposed to do. God is the only author of your story, which means two very important facts.  Your story was perfectly scripted.  Even when we feel distracted or off-track, it only takes enduring to the next chapter to learn how God will use our mistakes for purpose.

We must, however, find comfort that God has already written the way.  Complacency is not a friendly companion.  Further we too must guard against the voices of human opinion.  Everyone seems to have one.  It can be nearly tragic when we hear the wrong opinion of ourselves over and again.  In the midst of the darkness cast over by others destructive labels there will appear the light that leads to freedom from judgement.

What makes this life so much easier is just that – keep living.  Every moment is an opportunity to turned the page until a new chapter is reached.  Keep pushing until the voices of despair are far beyond comprehension.  Keep moving until what is heard and experienced feels so purposed that it is clear you were written with glorious intention.


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