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Love Nudge: Conversations

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if I were able to define the perfect conversation I would use a sea analogy.  Great conversations mirror the ebb and flow of the sea.  Volumes of meaningful or interesting material flows outward and when it returns it carries no forms of the same.  The process continues without interruption while covering a great anount of space and an an assortment of matter.

Conservations should not be boring or a strain for either side.  If one side dominates or consumes the majority of the time with their personal details, or if they are like me and perfect the arts of deference or deflection, then it is contradicts the early example of a personal conservation.  Those exchanges filled with mis-truths or mis-givings are equally unproductive as neither party can feel enriched or empowered.

Frankly, you should leave a conversation feeling empowered or enriched by the information that was received and equally given.  To borrow from a popular phrase, “you should get you monies worth.”  What you gave and received must be balanced in ordered to feel value for the time invested.

And this great tool requires time, transparency, and temperance.  Each attribute must be weighed or considered for the appropriate amount.  The greatest consideration involves recognize the value of this tool and the level of mastery required to affect its un-measurable power.  Conservations as with the sea hold an unmeasurable and mysterous power that we must respect in order to benefit from the greatest available to all.


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