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Testing The Waters

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The title says it all.  I have thorn in my side.  Relief is far too far away for me to even imagine.   The only thing I can do is find a way to co-exist with the nuisance.  And that nuisance, this thorn is the burden of writing.  It is very uncomfortable, so much that the thought of writing cause my throat to swell and it becomes difficult to swallow or breathe.  Yet, I must do it anyway.  I must Write.

However, this time or the next attempt to wade deeper into the waters will happen with a companion.  I have decided to share a series of personal videos, a video journal, a VLOG.  And I will submit a writren narrative to introduce each video.

Frankly, none of this was my idea.  I could give a few people credit, but truly all of the credit goes to the Holy Spirit.  For it is in the Spirit that a collective of ideas were merged.
This post is NOT the first installment.  This is only a test.  This is my opportunity to see if I can facilitate the process as it was given to me.  Instead of posting one of my videos, I am sharing a worship experience that has blessed my life for months now.

Until I am given permission to begin the journey I deacribed above – Enjoy this video.  Allow yourself to be led into the presence of the Holy Spirit.  And you can post a thank you note in the comments section.

Nothing I Hold On To – Leon Timbo at FBCG

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