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Divorce Journal – Moving Backward

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There are times when the appropriate direction is backwards.  The goal of reversing on a current course is the hope of creating new opportunities or understanding.  This action is most valuable when the current course seems to either come to a close or has all of the wrong signs.  But, it takes a great deal of awareness of your surroundings to identify the signs early enough to prevent committing to a path of failure.

Divorce Journal – Moving Backward
The purpose of moving backwards is to gain a better perspective of a situation.  It allows those in the position an opportunity to assess or analyze the available options.  The willingness to step back and assess is arguably one of the most value attributes for success.

Moving backwards is not a natural response.  Most everything we are taught involves moving forward.  No matter what you face in life you must keeping pushing and keep driving towards the goal.  There is no middle ground for stopping or resting.  Any even hesitating is ill advised.  The goal is never behind us, always in front.

Just because your momentum is going in the opposite direction of your goal, it does not mean you take your eyes off of the prize. Focus is the secret ingredient that keeps the game plan in motion, especially when a detour is necessary.  Life is never as easy as a straight line.  Straight and narrow paths and consistent forward progress only exist in fairytales.  In the real word, be prepared for circumstances, unforeseen and uncontrollable.  Allow for flexibility in your plans, so that you remain more committed to the goal than how you will get there.

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