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10-31-13 Turning Around

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Turning Around
Journey_WPIt is not too late.  As long as we are alive there is more than enough time for love, forgiveness, and redemption.  God sees value in our journey, and in us.

Listen online or dial (347) 237-4648. Press 1 to join the conversation.

Special Guest this week: Pastor Cynthia Carter

Pastor Cynthia Carter considers herself a Mother of Restoration with a rigorous burden for unsaved and underprivileged people. She is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Word Under the Stars Ministries, Inc. and shares life transforming messages through her writings as an Author through Virtuous Books. 


She is serving the community through what she considers to be, “the Virtuous Touch that Heals Nations” since 1991. 

  • She has served as a chaplain in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center and has preached in Women’s Correctional Institutions in the states of Texas, Florida and Virginia.
  •  Established FOFIL (Fruitfulness of Friendship In Leadership), WRAPS (Writing, Reading, Arts, Problem Solving and Special Languages) and Apartment Adoption as networking initiatives for grass-root ministries and organizations for community effectiveness.
  • Education includes: A Board Certified Belief Therapist; a Board Certified Christian Marriage & Family Therapist; and a B.A. in Business Management – All of which she esteems her Born Again relationship with God a greater credential.
  • Pastor Carter is the author of many life restoration books in which she uses to help hurting people heal. Books include Portraits of A Virtuous Woman/with Life Applicable Workbook, Pray It 100 Times: Fear Not!, and new release, Honey Out of A Dead Carcass.
  • Pastor Carter facilitates Life Applicable Workshops from her book Portraits of A Virtuous Woman to help hurting women through the process of healing to wholeness through self examination in the mirror of God’s Word.

Pastor Carter has three grown children who also serve in various forms of ministry. The family believes, “The neighborhood should be able to see and experience the life changing effects of the ministry of
Jesus Christ through the local Church and Its Leadership”.

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