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11-7-13 What Will God Do with a Lonely Heart?

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So many of us have felt alone.  Alone in the good and the bad times.  Abandoned and ignored.  Loneliness postcardBut even if we are unable to recognize that we matter to someone else – we must trust that God believes we matter.

Join the conversation Thursday, November 7 at 7pm CST.

Listen Live Online or dial (347) 237-4648. You can press 1 to participate in the conversation.

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  1. Kema says:

    Nothing is wrong with friendships, but both people have to want that friendship…you can’t make people work with you or want to be your friend. I have learned to just let God direct me. My choices usually end in disappointment. So I no longer trust my own feelings…but I know God knows better than I….so I have to leave it up to him.

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