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12-5-13 “Situations”

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What are the boundaries for a person already involved?

Easier said than done is what I often hear. Ever meet someone and think that they are perfect, but they have a “current situation.” Yet, even though you know the right thing you still linger – at least in thought – about what could happen if?

Listen live online or dial in 347-237-4648. Press 1 to join the conversation.

Tonight’s special guest is Madeline Alexander – the Power Coach.

hero_interior_2bMadeline Alexander is America’s premier rapid results success coach and leading authority on lasting breakthrough experiences. Inventor of the revolutionary Power Coaching System™, Madeline specializes in exposing and removing the barriers that are stopping you, your team, or your business organization from taking action and achieving extraordinary results. Madeline delivers signature events, dynamic keynotes, and transformational seminars for businesses, corporations, colleges and universities, high schools, youth organizations, churches, and faith-based organizations nationwide. Her no-nonsense, truth-telling style, contagious passion and energy, personal transparency, and laser-focused Power Coaching™ techniques will help you cut to the core of your real issues and produce power results in the shortest possible period of time.

For additional information, visit www.madelinealexander.com.

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