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11-28-13 Saved, Successful, Satisfied and Single

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Join us on Thanksgiving evening for Coached 2 Love Radio as we discuss: Saved, Successful, Satisfied and Single. Listen online or dial 347-237-4648; press 1 to join the conversation.

Thanksgiving Show

It is perfectly alright to be single.  Don’t believe me ask a married person.  Seriously, the best thing a single person can do in preparation for a successful marriage is to become a successful single.

Our special Thanksgiving Guest is Sean C. Wilburn (Behind Closed Doors)


Sean C. Wilburn is a scholar and a gentleman.  He is a Pastor, Educator, Author and Relationship Coach.  By call, he is known as the very animated and charismatic Pastor of The Fellowship of Hope Church in Spring, Texas.  By trade he is a middle school English
teacher at Shotwell Middle School in the Aldine Independent School District. He is known as a relationship coach, and hosts a very candid discussion about relationships called, Behind Closed Doors.  This discussion is purposed to bring healing to the masses and understanding by talking and hashing out solutions to relationship problems that most people just sweep under the rug.  He is also an accomplished author and has written Love Chronicles, A Revelation of How I played the game, loved lost and learned, and How to handle a Godly Man.  Sean is a proud graduate of “the Producer of Productive People,” Prairie View A&M University where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in English Language Arts and Reading.  He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Education Administration from the same illustrious institution. For additional information on Behind Closed Doors, visit www.bcdtalk.com.

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