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12-12-13 “How Long is Too Long to Date?”

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“Think long think wrong!”  This is true in most aspects of life.  We can often stay too long on a dead end road.  Likewise, we can also switch courses too quickly.  Each decision is because we do not listen to our GPS – Godly Protection through the Spirit.

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…with the Success Doctor – Dr. Shirley Davis

Dr.ShirleyDavisDr. Davis is an accomplished corporate executive, Global Workforce and Talent Management strategist, an internationally sought-after speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator, and an author. She travels around the world working with business leaders, senior executives, staff employees, government agencies, and academicians providing strategies and solutions for how to work and lead in a much more global, virtual, diverse, and hyper-connected workforce. Her presentations are engaging, informative, and solutions-oriented. She has keynoted/presented in more than 10 countries.

More information on Dr. Davis is available at www.drshirleydavis.com.


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