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03-27-2014: “Giving Away the Bride: Marrying Off my Exes”

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Giving Away the Bride: Why are all my exes getting married and I’m still single?

Giving Away the Bride


If all of your exes marry the very next person they date after a relationship with you ends, and you are the only common denominator, then there is cause to stop and ponder your role.

Have you ever felt like you were a trainer that prepared people for the next stage of their lives?
When will it be your turn to walk down the aisle?

We want to hear your thoughts on the subject. Dial 347-237-4648 to listen live. Press 1 to join the discussion.

We also steam live via Blogtalk Radio on the Survival Radio Christian Network.

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  1. […] week’s Coached 2 Love Radio Show is titled “Giving Away the Bride: Why Are All My Exes are Getting Married and I’m Still Single?&#8…. For the poetry moment, I shared a poem called “In Honor of Past […]

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