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03-20-2014 “The Runaway Bride and Other Commitment Phobics”

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Join the conversation, Thursday, March 20, 2014, 7 pm CST, as Coached 2 Love Radio discusses “The Runaway Bride and Other Commitment Phobics”

Some people just cannot imagine being bound by a permanent commitment.  These are people that we need to know about when entering any relationship, despite whether their reasons are from a point of nobility or pure selfishness.

Listen Live or dial 347-237-4648. Press 1 to connect with our host or guests.

Our guests on this week’s show are the ladies of Love. Work. Repeat.

Love. Work. Repeat. is a marriage and lifestyle website & blog created to offer a variety of encouraging, entertaining and thought provoking articles on marriage, family and other lifestyle topics. We believe marriage requires you to love daily, work on being the best you can be each day, and then you continually repeat those steps to have a successful relationship. We hope to encourage couples and build a community of like-minded people who value marriage, family and positivity.

Learn more information about them at http://www.loveworkrepeat.com/about.html.


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