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04-03-2014 “Taking Off the Mask: The importance of transparency”

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Attracting and starting new relationships can be a very intimidating period. How much can we reveal and still maintain a reputation of integrity? Can we just let bygones be bygones? Why do I have to share my past if we are moving forward?

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This week, we’re joined by the cast of The Krew.  The Krew is a web series starring “three guys and a girl” (Gregory, Jordyn, Byron and Adam) discussing the challenging, the taboo, and the “real deal” issues of dating. They explore topics faced by many as they navigate the complex world of dating. From online dating, to how much of your past is relevant, to dating people with children, to holding on to your individuality, to privacy and secrets in relationships, to meeting the family, they cover it all! For more information on The Krew, visit their website: http://www.thekrew13.com/.


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