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05-15-2014: Is Success a Blessing or a Curse?

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Join us at 7pm CST, 5-15-2014, for a conversation on Success. Is it a blessing or a curse? Why are successful people treated differently and is that a good or bad thing? A certain “hot button” involves whether single and successful women are intimidating. … with guest: Dr. Camika Royal. Listen live online or dial 347-237-4648; press 1 to join the discussion.

About our guest:

Dr Camika Royal

Dr. Camika Royal is an education historian and master teacher who has served urban communities as an educator since 1999. Her research focuses on the role of race in urban school reform, and some of her major research projects explored teacher appraisal systems, merit pay in charter schools, and the experiences of Black educators in Philadelphia. Dr. Royal writes about contemporary education issues, and she has been a recurring education contributor to Al Jazeera America TV and the web show Huff Post Live. Currently, she teaches Foundations of Education courses at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, as well as student teachers at Temple University. This summer, she begins her new post as Assistant Professor of Urban Education at Loyola University Maryland.


For additional information visit: www.camikaroyal.com, or Twitter: @DrCamikaRoyal or find her public Facebook page: Dr. Camika Royal


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