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05-08-2014: Reasons to be Grateful for Second Chances

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Whether we are on our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 33rd chance we must be grateful for the opportunity. What does grace look like?
What do we owe grace and those in our lives for this chance?


You won’t want to miss the incredible Second Chance. testimony we’re honored to share this week.
Listen live online or dial in at 347-237-4648. Press 1 to join the conversation.

Our new friend, Jenisea Albritton, survived this accident:

Second Chance Car

More about her:

I’m 29 and living in ATL. A year ago Feb. 10th 2013, I had a car wreck that changed my life. On the way back from ATL to NC, I flipped my car in a ditch, went through the windshield, broke both ankles and my right hip. My face was gashed open. I was told I all the bad news about not walking and everything but, for 2 months, I worked hard to get myself together. My therapist and doctors were awesome and prayerful for my recovery. Friends and family and a multitude of people reached out on FB to support me. They all got me through my recovery. While in rehab, I finished my HR degree, got out, graduated and got back driving and to work again. With no therapy after rehab, I’ve been pushing myself to walk better and get back to normal. Once I got the go ahead from my doctors – I have since gotten back to my journey and moved to ATL to pursue my dreams and aspirations.





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