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Love Nudge: Pray

Embedded in the fourth of five wisdom books in the Bible is a most profound statement that is applicable for our present circumstances.  King Solomon writes, “there is nothing new under the sun.” (NKJV) These words do not seek to alarm or discredit any of our stories, as what we are experiencing is very real.  However, this wisdom does allow us hope in the face of the most troublesome times. We have historical evidence that ‘this to shall past.’

Yet, two obvious questions exist related to those who endured and overcame the same set of circumstances, but in an earlier period of time.  ‘How did they endure the circumstances, and how did they overcome them?’  The answer to both begin and end with one equally profound answer – PRAYER.

Praying involves sharing in conversation with God about those things that are of the will of God.  Why else would be have dialogue unless all parties involved have both an interest in the matter and the ability to respond in kind.  God provides understanding, compassion and an unyielding capacity to change circumstances, such as those we face today.

Well, another question begs an answer.  ‘If these same circumstances existed before, and God delivered the people, why are WE here again?’  This answer is not so simple.  But does it matter as much as the solution?

All thoughout history it has been the people’s cries against personal and community and world injustice that have resulted in the tearing down of oppression.  The moans and wailing of physical pain have been met with medical, physical and psychological advancement.  Even the internal whispers of the lost and drifting have led to places of stability and growth.

The words of prayer, the cries, moans and wailing, and the whispers are what we must engage now, so that our children will have a World to inherit.  The perils we face can leave the heart, mind and soul in places of despair. But, God. If we call on God, then the people will be set free.

Love Nudge: Conversations

if I were able to define the perfect conversation I would use a sea analogy.  Great conversations mirror the ebb and flow of the sea.  Volumes of meaningful or interesting material flows outward and when it returns it carries no forms of the same.  The process continues without interruption while covering a great anount of space and an an assortment of matter.

Conservations should not be boring or a strain for either side.  If one side dominates or consumes the majority of the time with their personal details, or if they are like me and perfect the arts of deference or deflection, then it is contradicts the early example of a personal conservation.  Those exchanges filled with mis-truths or mis-givings are equally unproductive as neither party can feel enriched or empowered.

Frankly, you should leave a conversation feeling empowered or enriched by the information that was received and equally given.  To borrow from a popular phrase, “you should get you monies worth.”  What you gave and received must be balanced in ordered to feel value for the time invested.

And this great tool requires time, transparency, and temperance.  Each attribute must be weighed or considered for the appropriate amount.  The greatest consideration involves recognize the value of this tool and the level of mastery required to affect its un-measurable power.  Conservations as with the sea hold an unmeasurable and mysterous power that we must respect in order to benefit from the greatest available to all.


Love Nudge: Next Chapter

The easiest way to become distracted from your purpose is to allow someone else to define you and what you are supposed to do. God is the only author of your story, which means two very important facts.  Your story was perfectly scripted.  Even when we feel distracted or off-track, it only takes enduring to the next chapter to learn how God will use our mistakes for purpose.

We must, however, find comfort that God has already written the way.  Complacency is not a friendly companion.  Further we too must guard against the voices of human opinion.  Everyone seems to have one.  It can be nearly tragic when we hear the wrong opinion of ourselves over and again.  In the midst of the darkness cast over by others destructive labels there will appear the light that leads to freedom from judgement.

What makes this life so much easier is just that – keep living.  Every moment is an opportunity to turned the page until a new chapter is reached.  Keep pushing until the voices of despair are far beyond comprehension.  Keep moving until what is heard and experienced feels so purposed that it is clear you were written with glorious intention.


Love Nudge: Ego

What can be accomplished without God? This should not be a rhetorical question.  The wise know that nothing is accomplished with mere human effort or ingenuity.

Certainly greatness has been dreamed through the human mind and those dreams achieved through human hands.  But what is a mind, heart or hand apart from God? Credit must be given to the source of all creation.

Celebrations are warranted for notable attainment, especially when the effort improves human life.  Such is also the case when a group bands together as one to persevere against a common threat.  Yet, neither noble effort provide just cause to forget that God is ever present.

It is through God that we are able to or be anything Great.