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03-13-2014 “How to Leave and Let Go”

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Leave and let go

All relationships have a purpose. Some are only meant to last for a little while – maybe to teach us something new. Some to redirect our attention towards God’s purpose for us. Some, well, to show us just how wrong we are. Whatever the reason we must leave these relationships with our integrity and souls intact. This week’s guest is : Dr. Irishea Hilliard

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About our guest:

Pastor Irishea Hilliard, daughter of Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard. Born on June 7, 1977 in Houston, Texas, she is definitely wise beyond her years. After attending University of Oklahoma and Sam Houston State University, majoring in accounting, Pastor Hilliard decided to stop pursuing her dream for her life and fulfill her true purpose and join her parents in ministry by carrying out the ministry vision.Dr. Irishea

Pastor Irishea is the Chief Operating Officer of New Light Christian Center Church, in addition to the multiple titles of such as the Overseer of the Children’s Ministry (Dreamers), Youth Ministry & Teen Ministry (OuRlife). Pastor Irishea counsels with parents/teens giving them direction in working through challenges. Although Pastor Irishea is over the entire NuGen Ministry her heart is with “OuRlife” Youth ministry. Pastor Irishea was given the assignment of Spiritual Encounter. Spiritual Encounter began in 2000, each year the growth has been astounding. It is the most incredible move of God to reach this generation in a mighty way. This event is huge; churches from across America make plans each year to make sure their teens are in attendance. In 2011 she passed the baton of this great conference to her sister, but will continue to give oversight and input. Click here to continue reading.

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