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02-06-2014 “Romance, forget it . . . Let’s talk about Sex!”

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Let’s talk about sex and love and making love.  Why did God give us sex?  Pleasure or utility or both?  Is there a right or a wrong way to have sex?  How about darn good Sex?  WOW!  Join us Thursday, February 6 at 7pm CST. Listen live online, or call in 347-237-4648. Press 1 to join the conversation.

This week’s special guests are Cal & Wendy Roberson from www.marriedandnaked.com.


Married and Naked began in 2009 as a subsidiary of Marriage Vows Ministries. Calvin and Wendy Roberson know first hand the trials that come from marriage.  Both have experienced marital loss, renewal and marital success.  They have now committed themselves to helping others avoid the pitfalls they have encountered.

Calvin has been a New York Stock Exchange registered representative, a Regional Vice President of an international investment firm, Dean of Arts at Duke Ellington School of Arts in D.C.  He has also been the Senior Pastor of ten churches. He holds a graduate degree and has had post graduate doctoral studies in ministry and law. Calvin is the author of the thought-provoking book, the Gospel of Non-sense. He is also a sought after public speaker and a successful religious counselor for more than fifteen years.  His keen insight has made him a highly desired professional.

Wendy is an insightful and energetic addition to this union. She brings with her years of nurturing experience as a nurse. She has been involved in various faith-based initiatives for over ten years. She knows first hand what deliverance and restoration means and this is seen in the way she compassionately ministers to the diverse groups in their ministry. She is a coach to young ladies and counselor to mature women. She is an intuitive and engaging conversationalist and stands as a personal testimony of what God can accomplish through a yielded and willing vessel.

Cal and Wendy are unique in that they are a blended family and understand first hand the trials and successes of traditional as well as non-traditional family situations.  They have three children, Calvin II, Andrew and Khloe. It is their belief that through their efforts, God will heal the hurting, comfort the discouraged and bring about the spiritual success and advancement that God originally intended for his people.

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